Life has a way of revealing. Each and every day feels like a new adventure in an old story. This is my story. In fourth grade, Mrs. Sedlacek assigned a writing project based around what we wanted to be when we grew up. I had no problem at all putting together a full portfolio of writings for her, but when I handed them in she seemed overwhelmed. Apparently, I had misinterpreted her instructions. What she wanted was a cute paragraph with a fun picture drawn in the heading, not the full white papers and opinion articles I had provided. So began an unfulfilled desire to write for the masses.

As life progressed, as is its way, I was gifted with endless amounts of material in the form of a little boy and a little girl. I began my first blog, now on its twelfth year, with the intent of informing far away family of the daily shenanigans we were inventing. I truly loved the extraordinary value of our days and wrote about everything from celebrating the Olympics to crafting and homeschooling. At some point, I was granted the opportunity to review homeschooling products on my little ol’ blog and I realized there was potential there to actually reach people….outside of my family. This was the beginning of finding fulfillment in writing.

That little girl just graduated high school and the little boy (who is not so little anymore) is not too far behind her. I find my desire to write has changed, my focus has changed, and life itself has changed. While I have always taken great pleasure in assigning words to voices, thoughts, feelings, I have never put myself “out there”. Now I am buying domains, structuring profiles, and building web pages. I’m writing product descriptions and blog posts for others and finding pleasure in that as well.

So while this may look a bit different from my homey, sweet Sincerely Home blog, if you look closely you’ll see that I am still right here in the heart of it.

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