3 Ways to Beat the Blues While Packing Up Your First-Born for College

It is seriously taking over the house!  What started as a sweet little collection of items folks kindly passed on to my daughter for her first dorm room has morphed into an insatiable beast- gorging itself on my living room!  After two months of shopping for her new life, we are finally nearing the “Final Pack” phase. 

Often, very often,  I stare at this mound of living implements and chant to myself, “She’ll be back for Christmas.  She’ll be back for Christmas!!” Frankly, I’ve sobbed more times than I can count.  A self- professed helicopter parent, I feel I function best when all of my little ducks are under my roof where all I have to do is bake something yummy and they come running.  But…well, this isn’t about me.  This is all about her.  So I’m learning to cope and here are three tips to help you if you are in the same parenting boat.


So many times I have been tempted to ask, “Will you miss me when you go?”  Of course they are going to miss you!  You’re they’re parent!  But let’s take the pressure of reassuring yourself off of them and carry the truth that they love you, need you, and will find ways to let you know they miss you in due time.


Your child has just made their first major life transition.  The whole world is open to them and they are ready to get out there and stamp their name on it!  This is an awesome time to reflect on the fact that you enjoyed every minute (well, ok, not EVERY minute) of parenting that little person and you will enjoy every minute (ok, ok, MOST every minute) watching them take flight on those new wings.  This truly is an exciting time!  Make that your focus and the sadness will find it increasingly difficult to reach you.


As excited as they are, the anxiety of the unknown can be quite terrifying.  If Suzie sees you rocking her Lovey she had as a baby in the corner with a tear-stained face, how is she going to feel about coming to you with her fears and worries?  Pull it together!  You’ve raised them the best you could, be strong enough to let them go.  They’ll see that strength, and lean into it when their own is waning.

You’re going to be fine.  And they’re going to soar!

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