Neighboring and COVID-19: 3 Things You Should Be Doing For Others During This Pandemic

Whether you lean left or right, are Christian or atheist, live in China or the United States of America- we can all agree on one single thing…..


No one can argue with that. We are all human and, as such, we all require a certain level of care. We all know that the basic needs to sustain life are food, water, shelter, air, and sleep- but I am not talking about those.

The Merriam-Webster dictionary’s fourth definition of “care” is: regard coming from desire or esteem// a care for the common good. Synonyms for “care” include look out (for), mind, watch.

Yes, THAT’S the ‘care’ I’m talking about. I’m talking about courtesy and respect extended to those immediately around you. Your neighbors aren’t just the people who park next to you or whose footsteps you hear above you- they are the people doing life the closest to you.

When life is great, your neighbors are right there. When life is rough, they’re still there! Our neighborhoods gain infinite value when we learn to co-exist in grace and care without the harsh act of judging how we are the same or different. Here’s 3 things you could and should be doing for those around you- even if and especially when they are nothing like you- in this time of COVID-19.

Meet Basic Needs

How about grabbing an extra rotisserie chicken when you pick up dinner tonight to cart over to your elderly neighbors you haven’t seen in a bit so that you may connect with them? Have you learned that your next-door neighbor lost their job? I bet you wouldn’t even feel it if you gave up the Starbucks this week and passed that money in a card under their door. Just that one small sacrifice on your part could cover their water bill for the month! Build community by helping each other to meet the most basic of needs.

Meet Psychological Needs

I bet you haven’t considered how significant it would be if you played with your young neighbors’ kids in the driveway for a bit so they can enjoy a cup of coffee. After six months of not a moment alone, I guarantee you that would be a much appreciated 20 minutes! (Yep, you CAN play and still be 6 feet apart!) On the flip side, some people are working harder than ever now. If you notice a neighbor’s yard a bit over grown, give it a mow as you’re out cutting your own. Can you imagine the relief they’ll feel when they pull in the driveway? One less worry on their minds and perhaps a few moments to relax !

Meet Practical Needs

There is a population of high-risk folks who are just not comfortable getting out amid crowds right now. If you are healthy and able, consider helping neighbors with shopping, running to the bank or the Post Office. These may add no inconvenience to your day whatsoever, but mean the world to your neighbors. Even if they don’t need anything, the simple act of asking could be priceless if they’re feeling down and alone.

You do not have to agree with all of your neighbors’ life decisions to care for them. Esteem them worthy of care for the simple fact that they, like you, are human. Help draw your neighborhood into fellowship with care. We’re all in this together!

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