Vision: The Why In Life and Leadership

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It is the ‘why’ of any given moment that dictates the passion, the effort, the strength that is poured into reaching that moment’s goal. If the ‘why’ is lost, so is the moment’s momentum, trajectory, and significance. Vision is the driving factor of any pursuit.

Be it corporate America or the family unit, vision is the deciding factor of rise or fall. People have an innate need to be reminded of why they are doing what they are doing. They need to carry it deep within, with a longing and need to take it out, study it, and then replant it in its safest spot.

Many factors attribute to the depreciation of vision. Consider vision that has been carried for a long period of time without being observed. Through periods of fatigue, abuse, or over-burden that vision inevitably depletes to near demise. What may enliven vision once it reaches its near end? The why.

Reminding a person of their ‘why’ immediately reignites their fire for the vision and provides sure footing for the next ask. An honest request for introspection has the ability to catapult an ineffective teacher, a volunteer teammate, a corporate CEO to a level of renewal, refocus, recommitment. Are you struggling to draw out the best effort from your team? Remind them of their why.

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